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F1 in Schools, the Formula One Technology Challenge, is operated in Ireland by the Irish Computer Society.

For more information, contact:

The F1 in Schools Team   |  01 237 7799


A selection of F1 in Schools Official Websites 

Denford Limited

Experienced manufacturers of high-quality CNC machines

Denford Limited designs and develops CNC, CAD/CAM and CIM solutions for manufacturers, trainers and educators around the world. A founding partner of F1 in Schools, Denford is also active in the UK-based 4x4 in Schools initiative.


Match your talents with a rewarding career in IT

Check out this interactive website that enables you to match your talents with the opportunities and rewards offered by a career in IT.

Developed by the Irish Computer Society, includes lots of videos and presentations to help you make your decision and choose a bright future that's right for you.

Programming and games for transition-level students

Scratch is all about 'Having Fun with Computer Programming and Games'. It aims to promote and instill an interest in programming and computer science to transition year students (age 15-16).

Scratch uses a freely available software tool that was developed by the MIT Media Lab in the US. It is supported by a wide range or organisations and managed by LERO, the Irish Software Engineering Research Centre at the University of Limerick.

Discover Science & Engineering (DSE)

Promoting science for a successful Ireland

SFI Discover Programme seeks to promote the awareness and engagement of the Irish public with science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM). This supports one of the four primary objectives outlined in the SFI Strategic Plan - Agenda 2020; Objective C: To have the most engaged and scientifically informed public.

The purpose of the SFI Discover Programme is to support and develop the education and outreach STEM sector in Ireland by investing in developing and extending capacity in this area and also exploring and encouraging novel means of public engagement and communications.

We aim to increase interest in STEM among students, teachers and members of the public. Our mission is to contribute to Ireland's continued growth and development as a society – one that has an active and informed interest and involvement in STEM.




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